Welcome to Chrome Massage and Bodywork.  


Massage can help release and reduce chronic muscular pain, improve circulation, reduce physical and mental stress and fatigue, promote faster healing of injured muscular tissues, improve posture and reduce blood pressure.  In addition, massage and bodywork is also known to promote a better, higher quality of sleep, improve concentration, reduce anxiety and help create an overall sense of well being. We provide Swedish, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue and Pre-Natal massages to improve relaxation, enhance health and well being, and help gap the separation between mind, body, and spirit.  


Swedish - $80

Swedish massage is the most common and more superficial type of massage,  This involves long, fluid strokes of muscles and tissues with varying pressure customized to your preference and sensitivity. Swedish massage is known to improve blood and lymph circulation and may be considered one of the most relaxing styles.  While this massage is not aimed at shifting underlying structures of the body that may cause pain or restrictions, it is very good for body and mind.


Therapeutic - $80

Therapeutic massage is the perfect massage between a Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, combining techniques and bodywork. This massage is offered with the goal of obtaining a therapeutic benefit. This massage combines long, fluid strokes with varying pressure, as well as slower, guided strokes and compression with firmer pressure. This massage will be customized in order to address your specific target areas or as an overall full-body massage.


Deep Tissue - $80

Deep Tissue massage is a deeper more intense massage.  This massage uses slower, deep-guided strokes and firm pressure to reach below the superficial muscles and fascia to help relieve severe tension.  This type of massage can be recommended for those who experience consistent pain or soreness in muscle groups.